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This is a question Mini Cabs From Hell

We've all taken a dodgy cab in our time. One guy asked me to give him a back-rub in exchange for letting me off the fare. I was like, "here's the cash mate." Another chappy claimed to be Paddy Patel - a child actor from UK TV series Tuckers Luck - he drove like a speed freak and regaled me with stories that "playing a black Irish boy. England wasn't ready for it." So go on - tell us your worst and we'll tell the world.

[edit: for those confused by the term mini-cab, London has two sorts of taxis: highly regulated, licensed and salt-of-the-earth black cabs that you see in films and a whole bunch of unlicensed, uninsured, random cars driven by nutters who aren't supposed to pick up from the street (you have to phone for them). They are universally rubbish]

(, Wed 26 May 2004, 21:44)
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My Bruv
My scabby brother's fave story (he's a non-B3tan, so I'll recount for him):
Having been to some celeb bash til the early hours, Steve and his mate rolled out into the night to find a taxi. A geezer rolls up in a what looks like a mini-cab and asks them where they want to go. Steve tells him and asks how much. Geezer says 'ooo about £30, but I'll take £25 up front'. So they pay, get in the back cos someone is already in the front passenger seat. The car rolls off and driver goes down some street, jumps out, makes an obvious drug deal and hops back in. They then set off in the vaguely right direction until suddenly matey pulls into a big tower-block housing estate, gets out and says 'wait there'. Ten minutes pass and the geezer in the passenger seat says 'dont look like hes coming back' and then he fucks off too. So Steve and mate get out and start walking. Realising theyre in a deeply dangerous neighbourhood they decide to go back to they car and 'borrow it' to drive somewhere safer. On returning and after closer inspection, they discover the ignition barrel has been ripped out and the car has been hotwired. At that point they ran.
There is a moral of this story somewhere ...
(, Fri 28 May 2004, 9:21, Reply)

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