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This is a question Missing body parts

Now there are some bits of your body you don't mind losing - my dad's just got rid of a kidney stone, my own tonsils once tried to asphyxiate me, and nobody wants warts.

Other bits are more useful - a family friend recently lost an arm... which would be OK if his job wasn't managing dis-armament talks.

What have you lost, and where did you leave it?

(, Thu 1 Jun 2006, 18:22)
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There once was a pirate...
who walked into a bar with a peg leg, hook hand, and eye patch. One of the local drunks got curious and asked how he lost the leg. The pirate replied "It got bit off by a shark." Then the guy asked how he lost the hand. The pirate replied "The same damned shark bit it off when I tried to get my leg back." The drunk then replied "Oh so the shark got your eye too?" The pirate got a whistful look in his eyes and said "No... a seagull crapped in it." The drunk laughed and asked how the Hell seagull crap could make him lose an eye. The pirate said "It was my first day with the hook."
(, Tue 6 Jun 2006, 20:08, Reply)

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