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This is a question B3TA Most Haunted

Tell us your first-hand ghost stories and paranormal experiences, and we'll tell you that you are a mental. Extra points for lies tales about filthy ghost sex

Suggested by big_bluberry

(, Thu 13 Sep 2012, 13:23)
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I don't believe, however...
Not so long ago, I was lying in bed around 3am. Right below my head in the room below is my guitars.
I heard the bass being plucked. I knew which string it was, it was coming from exactly where the bass was in the room. I was the only person in the house. No pets or anything. It wasn't being picked with evenly spaced intervals and there was nothing around that would have caused it. It was just the one string.

I didn't go down. Just laid there with a bit of a cold sweat trying to rationalise.
Haven't heard it since.

Another time was when I was working public duties as a guard. Working between Windsor Castle, St.James', Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.
Mid January, about 9pm - I was in our guard room at the Tower. I was by myself in one of the rooms and was getting my uniform on ready to go and take part in the keys ceremony.
Just put my overcoat on and was fastening the buttons and one of the other lads came in, walked across and put his hand on my shoulder as if to lean in front of me to pick something up.
Went to step out of the way and let him by and there was nobody fucking there. Hastily exited the room and never mentioned it to anyone for fear of having the piss taken out of me.

My only 2 personal experiences that were a bit odd. I'm sure there was an explanation for both. I just don't know what those explanations are.
(, Mon 17 Sep 2012, 20:53, 3 replies)
i've heard that guitar-plcking one before
there's a few possibilities, including the string settling.
(, Mon 17 Sep 2012, 21:30, closed)
That's enough explanation for me
(, Mon 17 Sep 2012, 21:44, closed)
Second one:
Your clothes settling/moving. It's easy to imagine somebody has their hand on your shoulder if your jacket settles against it after getting up, for example, then your mind does the rest. I find it happens with bed clothes also when you've got used to sleeping with a partner and you're alone.
(, Tue 18 Sep 2012, 14:07, closed)

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