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This is a question Moving home

"Moving house is one the more stressful moments in life," claims Social Hand Grenade. What horrible things have happened to you as you shift your black bin bag of undies from one hovel to the next?

(, Tue 6 Jan 2015, 13:17)
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When we were "hilarious" students
I helped a friend move from one grotty citycentre flat to another. Of course none of us had a car or could afford a van or anything, so we helped lug his crap by hand through the town centre. He had a fifteenth-hand rickety old sofa, which three us of had to carry right through the town centre on Friday fucking night. Being lazy shut-ins, this was a bit tiring, so we plonked the thing down at a junction and sat on it like a povvo version of the Cranberries.

Good times.
(, Sat 10 Jan 2015, 10:06, 1 reply)
Well done
Did anyone notice?
(, Sun 11 Jan 2015, 19:21, closed)

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