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Mrs Liveinabin tells us: My mum told me to eat my vegetables, or I wouldn't get any pudding. I'm 32 and told her I could do what I like. I ate my vegetables. Tell us about mums.

(, Thu 11 Feb 2010, 13:21)
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The day my mum realised I wasn't her little boy anymore.
I was eighteen and I had a motorbike. After a nasty little accident I was in hospital. My parents turned up to find me laying semi concious. I must have looked like a scene from some sort of horror movie. There I was covered in blood, in my hair and, well every where down to my waist was red. My chin had a cut across it. My bottom lip was ripped open and I had four teeth missing.
The first thing I said to my mum, who Was trying to not show how upset she was "It's ok I've got clean pants on" I found out it was possible that she could half giggle and half cry at the same time.
Go forward two days. I'm stitched up and still groggy and uncoordinated. I have thirteen stitches in my face and an arm in plaster. I'm being discharged to go home. My Girlfriend Donna is there too. and I need help to get dressed. Mum pulls the curtain round and says she'll help me get dressed. Then I say "I want Donna to help me" Such a small sentence that meant nothing to me at that time. I have found out since was the point my mother realised. Her first born, Her little soldier and only son. Didn't need her anymore.
(, Sun 14 Feb 2010, 13:27, 2 replies)
or was it more didn't need her and her alone, anymore?

(, Mon 15 Feb 2010, 13:00, closed)
It's true what they say,
Your son's a son till he finds a wife,
Your daughter's your daugther for the rest of your life.
(, Mon 15 Feb 2010, 16:15, closed)

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