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This is a question My Collection

Do you have display cabinets full of stuff? With it all neatly labelled, cross-referenced and entered into a database. Have you been to a convention? Do other collectors look up to you in awe?

I thought I was above this one. I'm not that autistically geeky that I have a Collection with a capital C. But no, I remembered I'm hoarding away every version of "Inside Macintosh" ever published.

What do you collect? And why? I mean, what makes you do it?

(, Thu 11 Jan 2007, 16:52)
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My Parents are collecting...
...humourous anecdotes which my dad can use in his speech at my wedding in however many years time. Their favourite so far goes something like this:

One day when I was about 17-18 I had been out on the piss and had my taxi money stolen by some bigger boys. I decided I wouldn't ring my parents as they wouldn't be too pleased at having to pick me up at 2 in the morning.

So I began an 8 mile trudge home. I was quite pissed at the start so it went rather quickly. However the alcohol eventually wore off so I started to get a bit scared as I was walking down an unlit and unpaved road through the woods. I started hearing loads of funny noises, and after about 6 miles I was too scared to continue, bit the bullet and rang my my mum.

I called her and she got my dad to come and pick me up the 2 miles or so journey it was into the woods. I asked her to stay on the phone until he arrived; I thought it would help for some reason. He collected me after ten minutes or so and I went off to bed.

Anyway, the next day, I came down from my room and my parents were laughing at me. I asked them what was so funny, and my mum said that in my semi-drunken state, I had said to her whilst on the phone and walking through the woods that the squirrels in the trees were throwing nuts at me!

Oh the shame.
(, Sat 13 Jan 2007, 23:45, Reply)

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