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This is a question My Collection

Do you have display cabinets full of stuff? With it all neatly labelled, cross-referenced and entered into a database. Have you been to a convention? Do other collectors look up to you in awe?

I thought I was above this one. I'm not that autistically geeky that I have a Collection with a capital C. But no, I remembered I'm hoarding away every version of "Inside Macintosh" ever published.

What do you collect? And why? I mean, what makes you do it?

(, Thu 11 Jan 2007, 16:52)
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Star Wars stuff
I was a fairly spoilt child. Over several birthdays and christmasses I managed to get almost every single bit of Start Wars stuff going, including all the original figurines like Han Solo, Luke Sywalker (Tatooine and X-Wing pilot), Leia, Chewbacca, Darth, C3-PO R2-D2, Yoda, several Stormtroopers and Obi Wan as well as a Millenium Falcon, AT-AT, X-Wing Fighter, Stormtrooper transport etc etc.

After I grew out of playing with that stuff I was still rather chuffed at having this massive collection and when e-Bay first started and all these rumours flew around about how much original SW stuff was being sold for, I thought "Sweet - that's the retirement fund sorted then!".

But no, this wasn't enough for some people. My dad decided to let my nephews play with it. And they destroyed EVERY. FUCKING. ITEM. I. HAD. Now they're not evil kids by any means, they're reasonably nice now that they are teenagers, but I have lost a fortune due to my dad and my brother letting them have anything they want. Bitter? Hell yeah.

I now collect obscure rugby jerseys. I got China for Christmas, currently trying to get a Pakistan one from my mate who played for them.

I'm off to cry over my AT-AT for an hour.

I also collect length and girth jokes.
(, Thu 18 Jan 2007, 11:39, Reply)

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