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This is a question My first experience of porn

So there I am, aged 11, crawling through the woods with the Scouts when we come upon a big pile of magazines stuck into a tree. Risking losing the game by being seen, we stand up to knock them down.

They flutter down in a big heap - and behold, they are full of nudey ladies!

Crawling through the woods suddenly lost its appeal...

What was your first experience of porn?

(, Thu 25 Jan 2007, 15:29)
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Well, discounting lingerie catalogues and such things...
Me and a mate went to Amsterdam when we were 13 and bought some porn books.
They turned out to be extremely hardcore. In fact, my first introduction to pornography included skullfucking and double anal.

Of course, we couldn't manage to wait until we got back, and had a read of them on the bus on the way back to the camp site. I spluffed my pants on the bus just looking at it.

We both had to go to our seperate tents when we got back as, strangely enough, we both needed to have a lie down.
(, Tue 30 Jan 2007, 13:28, Reply)

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