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This is a question My first experience of porn

So there I am, aged 11, crawling through the woods with the Scouts when we come upon a big pile of magazines stuck into a tree. Risking losing the game by being seen, we stand up to knock them down.

They flutter down in a big heap - and behold, they are full of nudey ladies!

Crawling through the woods suddenly lost its appeal...

What was your first experience of porn?

(, Thu 25 Jan 2007, 15:29)
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I was walking in the woods with a few adolescent chums in the hope that we would find some porn under a bush. Very soon, we glimpsed some flesh tones through the leaves of a bush. Imagine our surprise when we pulled aside the branches to discover an actual silicone enhanced blonde jouncing on the ebony club of a hefty black man.

Improbably, we had stumbled upon a Californian porn team filming on location in south Sheffield. As we gazed in amazement at the real-life action taking place before our very eyes, the director (who was in camouflage gear) yelled "cut!" and we were told to get lost.

My quick-thinking mate asked if they had a council permit to be filming on the land, and an agreement was reached whereby we could all have a go with the blonde.

Then I opened my eyes to discover that my mother had dashed a glass of Ribena in my face with a hissed "Dirty little bastard!"
(, Tue 30 Jan 2007, 13:54, Reply)

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