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This is a question Nativity Plays

Every year the little kids at schools all over get to put on a play. Often it's christmas themed, but the key thing is that everyone gets a part, whether it's Snowflake #12 or Mary or Grendel (yes, really).

Personally I played a 'Rich Husband' who refused to buy matches from some scabby street urchin. Never did see her again...

Who or what did you get to be? And what did you have to wear?

(, Thu 26 Mar 2009, 17:45)
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I really hope this is true.
My sister is a teacher (and delights in winding me up, hence the disclaimer). She does however claim the following is, if you'll pardon the pun, gospel.

At her school they were doing the nativity play on two successive nights.

To make this fairer Child A (who had the plum role of Joseph the first night) was due to be demoted to Innkeeeper the second night to give another kid a shot at being God's cuckold.

The only problem is that Child A loves the crowd adulation for his triumph at Joseph the first night, and REALLY doesn't want to let Child B take the role the next night. It doesn't quite come to fisticuffs but there is much tug-of-war with outfits, teacher intervention and sulking.

Order is eventually restored. Child B, proudly betowelled as Joseph, makes a good start. Until he gets to the inn and asks if there is any room.

"Yes!" beams Child A.

"Mary, you can come in. Joseph - you can fuck off."
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 2:18, closed)
I clicked so hard I think I broke something.
Awesome! I have to tell my brother this, he'll love it.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 2:52, closed)
I so wish this were true
Although I susoect I've heard it before as part of a stand-up routine.

Clicked nonetheless.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 8:33, closed)
Your sister recount a lot of urban legends as truth then?

(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 8:41, closed)
It would appear so.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 22:28, closed)
You have garnered
a click for 'God's cuckold'
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 9:43, closed)

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