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This is a question Nativity Plays

Every year the little kids at schools all over get to put on a play. Often it's christmas themed, but the key thing is that everyone gets a part, whether it's Snowflake #12 or Mary or Grendel (yes, really).

Personally I played a 'Rich Husband' who refused to buy matches from some scabby street urchin. Never did see her again...

Who or what did you get to be? And what did you have to wear?

(, Thu 26 Mar 2009, 17:45)
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Impatience leading to Looking Foolish
My story about when impatience lead to me looking foolish is when I got so fed up with the current QOTW that I decided to guess at what the next one might be and answer that one instead while the previous one was still in effect. Of course, I guessed completely wrong, leading to a significant egg-on-face experience. *blush*
(, Thu 2 Apr 2009, 19:01, Reply)

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