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This is a question Near Death Experiences

Last time I crashed my bike, as I flew through the air towards the car in front of me not much went through my head apart from "You idiot". No tunnels, no lights to stay away from, no smiling family members beckoning to me.

Surely you've had a better near-death experience?

(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 11:35)
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Swing when you're winning
Aged about 7 one of my daily chores was to open the kitchen storm windows. This involved the careful use of a chair to climb on and occasionally, standing on the kitchen work surface to reach the window handle properly. On one occasion, I stood on the kitchen work surface and turned to face my adoring crowd (elder sister, younger brother and mother). Looking up I saw the flourescent light tube and as a dazzling finale to my act I decided to swing like a trapeze artist into their midst. All went well until my hands somehow, probably being damp from the condensation soaked window, short circuited the lights before the flourescent tube gave way sending me and the tube crashing to the kitchen floor, not before I had completed a deaf-defying dance on the ceiling whilst the current was still flowing. When I came round, the rest of the family were trying to separate the shards of flourescent tube from my skin and wondering why the lights had suddenly all gone out !
(, Tue 30 Nov 2004, 13:23, Reply)

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