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This is a question Near Death Experiences

Last time I crashed my bike, as I flew through the air towards the car in front of me not much went through my head apart from "You idiot". No tunnels, no lights to stay away from, no smiling family members beckoning to me.

Surely you've had a better near-death experience?

(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 11:35)
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Damned bridges
Just remembered another one, on a subsequent canal trip when I was about 10 I decided that I couldn't be bothered to take the easy way to the other side of the boat, but, instead go around the outside on the small outcrop (about 4 inches) but me being stupid old me again didn't look very far ahead only to see as i was half way along a bridge coming into view.

Cut to me pissing myself at my on coming demise.

But out of nowhere my grandfather (then 90!) grabbed me by my jumper and pulled me just clear of the bridge. I escaped with just cut knees and a bruised pride. I never did go around the edge again.

Of course it never came to me to jump onto the bank 2 foot away, then rejoin the boat on the other side of the bridge.....
(, Tue 30 Nov 2004, 21:46, Reply)

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