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This is a question The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

In amongst all the tales of bitterness and poo, we occasionally get fluffy stories that bring a small tear to our internet-jaded eyes.

In celebration of this, what is the nicest thing someone's done for you? Whether you thoroughly deserved it or it came out of the blue, tell us of heartwarming, selfless acts by others.

Failing that, what nice things have you done for other people, whether they liked it or not?

(, Thu 2 Oct 2008, 16:14)
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My Wife/Me Blind
Many moons ago I managed to scratch the cornea on my eye - the strain on my other eye caused me to lose my vision in both eyes for about two weeks (I was blind in one eye for a month) - Although I was very stubborn, she helped me eat, stopped me walking into walls and even directed my aim for the toilet (although this was to stop me pissing on the floor/bath/sink!)
I kept insisting that she let me get on with it myself, but she kept on helping.

One of the reasons that I consider myself lucky to have married her
(, Fri 3 Oct 2008, 10:37, 2 replies)
Y'know you can sit down and have a piss...
(, Fri 3 Oct 2008, 12:21, closed)
i've been temporarily blinded a few times
mainly due to eye operations. it's amazing how you think a wall/table/door is in one place, but it's actually about 5 feet away!
(, Fri 3 Oct 2008, 20:16, closed)

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