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This is a question The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

In amongst all the tales of bitterness and poo, we occasionally get fluffy stories that bring a small tear to our internet-jaded eyes.

In celebration of this, what is the nicest thing someone's done for you? Whether you thoroughly deserved it or it came out of the blue, tell us of heartwarming, selfless acts by others.

Failing that, what nice things have you done for other people, whether they liked it or not?

(, Thu 2 Oct 2008, 16:14)
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The Mr Chips moment
I finished a teaching degree in April 2007 and I was really undecided about going into the profession. It was tough and not what I expected and quite frankly I needed a rest but after 2 years of skintness needed a job. I decided to become a supply teacher for the year and see if that could help me decide what to do.

The first 11/2 terms were hell on toast (you know how kids in crap schools treat supply teachers) and I kept getting sent to crap schools. I was having a bad year, found a lump* and had to move to a new place after inadvertently moving in with nutters** until the supply agency sent me to a new school.

The pupils at this school suffered from anxiety disorders and were so traumatized by bullies that they couldn't deal with regular school. This was the carling of teaching jobs - small classes of lovely kids who work hard. They all got top marks, one lad getting a grade A GCSE in three months. Unfortunately the school couldn't afford to keep me on :(

I need to say thankyou to those kids for giving me my Mr Chips moment so early in my teaching career - some teachers never get that. I'm now working at a good school and mostly enjoying it and when the little buggers drive me up the wall I think back to that school and those kids and know that I'm a good teacher.

*Thankfully just a cyst
**I wasn't using door handles properly they demonstrated how to do this
(, Sat 4 Oct 2008, 19:23, 3 replies)
Good onya
Teaching must be one of the most thankless tasks sometimes, but how rewarding to be able to see the results.
(, Sat 4 Oct 2008, 21:57, closed)

"**I wasn't using door handles properly they demonstrated how to do this"

Well, until it was pointed out to me, I didn't realise either, that not everyone opens doors with their clenched butt-cheeks. Was I ever embarrased!
(, Sun 5 Oct 2008, 0:40, closed)
Six out of ten for effort
You lost marks on the incorrect use of the word 'Carling'.
(, Mon 6 Oct 2008, 14:32, closed)

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