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This is a question Nights Out Gone Wrong

In celebration of the woman who went out for a quiet drink with friends after work, and ended up half naked, kicking a copper in the nads and threatening to smear her own shit over hospital staff, how have your best-laid plans ended in woe?

(, Thu 24 Mar 2011, 16:02)
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B3ta bash last year. I swear I must have been drugged.
Went to a bash in Manchester and booked a hotel room for the night. Quite nice room it was too and I was looking forward to meeting everyone that night. I arrived at the pub and had a glass of wine. Now here I must say that drinking wine was probably my first mistake, the second being not eating a good hearty meal beforehand. I figured I would probably get drunk and feel crap in the morning but I wasn't far from the train station and my journey home would only be half an hour.

I remember the pub and I remember the first couple of hours in the club afterwards but from there on in it all became very hazy. I remember dancing but not falling over onto another B3tan. I definitely don't remember leaving but I was told I was escorted back to the hotel by three lovely B3tans and I do remember kissing them on the cheek and telling them how smashing they all were. Thankfully I had told the group which hotel I was staying in earlier that night.

I wake up to a bed half covered in red bile and a bathroom resembling the shower scene in Pyscho. I felt ill, very very ill but I managed to get dressed and pack up. It was drawing nearer to chucking out time at the hotel but I just couldn't face leaving my room. I phoned the reception and asked if I could book the room for another night. They told me to come down to reception and it would be ok, but I didn't want to leave my room. I must point out that I'm prone to panick attacks in certain situations and this was compounding my reluctance to leave the room. I explained I was feeling too ill and they said they would send someone up.I have never felt so embarrased in my life as they must have known what had happened to me.

So I stay all day in bed, which is covered in red bile, falling in and out of sleep. I sleep all night and wake early on Sunday morning feeling much better, albeit still a bit light headed. All I want to do now is leave and go home. I dabbled with the idea of leaving some cash for the cleaner but I didn't have any spare cash on me. I shamefacedly go to reception to pay up and go to the train station where I discover there isn't a train that Sunday morning for another hour and a half. I've not eaten for a 18 hours, barely drank much fluid and I have to sit in a train station waiting room for an hour and a half before I can be safe at home.

All of this would have been bearable were I not a middle-aged woman.
(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 10:46, 5 replies)
we've all been there

(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 10:52, closed)
So have I, repeatedly, in my youth.
But somehow when your old it seems much more embarrassing.
(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 10:57, closed)
i got rid of my shame at a young age
as i saw no earthly use for it
(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 11:10, closed)
You're a wise old bird : )

(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 11:15, closed)

(, Fri 25 Mar 2011, 11:20, closed)

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