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This is a question I'm glad nobody saw me

Have you ever done something, realised how stupid or embarrassing it was and then looked about to see if anyone watching? Did you get away with it?

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic, chosen by YOU

(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 15:49)
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Rattlesnakes are not my power animal.
On the last bit of a beautiful day's hike in the California hills, I see a pretty big (at least five feet long, more girthy than any but the most huge of pickles) really healthy looking (greenish blue almost) diamondback, it's all peaced out in the sun and I reason thusly:

The head is nearly six feet from the tail, so if I stroke the tail what's the worst that can happen.

Well when a snake coils up quickly the head and tail head move toward the middle, so now it's less than three feet from my hand, all pissed.

The strike of a snake like that really doesn't have a great range, but I still got my Stupid Monkey Gold Star that day when I was looking for a nice reptile moment.
I *do* share a common ancestor with chimps, there is no other explanation.
(, Sat 29 Jan 2011, 6:34, 1 reply)
Gets a click from me!
"got my Stupid Monkey Gold Star that day "
(, Sat 29 Jan 2011, 8:11, closed)

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