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This is a question Now, there was no need for that...

Tell us about the times when an already difficult situation has been made worse for no good reason. Pollollups writes, "As if being given a muscle relaxant and trapped in an MRI tube wasn't bad enough: whilst thus immobilised, they played me Dido."

(, Thu 16 Jun 2005, 7:46)
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Fasthosts Internet (No) Service Provider
It was alittle while ago as soon after this episode I dropped them as our company's webhost, but during a time of severe technical crisis that they claimed was in no way related to their recent upgrade of the server I was on hold on their helpline for a full 40 minutes. The on-hold music was:

The theme to Star Wars
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The Birdie Song
Itsy-bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini

...on a loop, down the telephone.

Needless to say when one of their fuckwit support staff did take my call I was not in a good mood.
(, Fri 17 Jun 2005, 17:00, closed)

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