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This is a question I should have been arrested

Faced with The Law when I and a bunch of equally idiotic mates set off a load of loud explosions down the local chalk pit, we blamed bigger boys who had run off. Tell us of the times when you got away with something naughty and slightly out of order.

Thanks to MatJ for the suggestion

(, Thu 26 Jan 2012, 13:36)
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Narita Carrots.
Alt: We nearly got smoked in the Cunt-Ass.
Many, many, many moons ago.
Stop! Context time: I studied Japanese at school for about 5 years. I would call myself a dyslexic Japanese communicator - can speak some good but shit at writing (can hardly remember any kana let alone kanji).

Anyway I went on a school trip which culminated in me and 2 other blokes staying in a dodgy ryokan (B&B style inn) in Shinjuku (seedy nightclub district of Tokyo) for the last week of the trip tasting the seamier side of Tokyo whilst our teachers went off for a "conference". Including amongst other things: us buying a fucking huge stick of pot off some dodgy bloke at 0300 one morning for what amounted to AUD$60 - what a deal! Man, I know it's a cliche but, the things you can get from a vending machine in Tokyo - that's just absolutely astounding!

Anyway we find our young ringofyre on the bus to Narita Airport with the rest of the group ready to go home. As the bus approaches the entrance we notice hundreds of heavily armed guards and dogs. Apparently the government has annexed some farmland to extend something or other. Farmer's were supposedly unhappy and had threatened to retaliate - hence the heavy hardware everywhere.
Cue our trio of adventurers suddenly remembering we had a shitload of pot still on us. So we split from the group & proceed to roll up 2 huge spliffs that put shame to the Camberwell Carrot which we then proceeded to puff as quickly as we could hunkered down between some parked buses in the carpark (no Honda Accords in sight & this is Japan people! Japan!).
Then we entered the airport. Where things rapidly went from stoned to paranoid. Soldiers with guns and fucking sniffer dogs everywhere & I'm not talking Beagles, I'm talking big, fuckoff Alsatians that could rip your throat out with a snarl.

It didn't help that the Japanese way of pronouncing Qantas sounds exactly like "cunt-ass"! End result tho - got away with it. As the plane took off I listened to "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd on the new Sony Walkman my host family had given me earlier in the trip, and then as dutiful teenage boys we decided to try and beat Boonie's 52 not-out. We didn't and our parents weren't happy to see us pissed as farts coming off a 20 hr. flight on a Sunday morning from a school trip.
Jouzu desu ne!
(, Thu 26 Jan 2012, 22:46, 4 replies)
So, your story is 'I caught a plane'?

(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 0:46, closed)
I would've also gone with
"I've been to Japan.", "I had a Sony Walkman" or "I've listened to 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' by Pink Floyd".
Now AB, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before in a reply.
Link-bitch; linkify!
(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 7:42, closed)
and how far did you get
to making any impression on the 52 cans?
(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 7:40, closed)
Pissweak effort I'm afraid - probably didn't even get to 52 between the 3 of us.
In fairness I was 16 and didn't have the erm, "girth" that I do now. Hasn't stopped me making a few valiant efforts since tho. ;)
(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 7:45, closed)
"I would call myself a dyslexic Japanese communicator"
I'd call you that too.
(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 11:08, closed)
Oh. C'mon!
It's like you've just come along and dropped it into my lap.
(, Fri 27 Jan 2012, 19:13, closed)

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