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This is a question I should have been arrested

Faced with The Law when I and a bunch of equally idiotic mates set off a load of loud explosions down the local chalk pit, we blamed bigger boys who had run off. Tell us of the times when you got away with something naughty and slightly out of order.

Thanks to MatJ for the suggestion

(, Thu 26 Jan 2012, 13:36)
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i should have dobbed him in
pootling around, trying to find a new job at the moment because my current one is about to go under. just last month the boss left for pastures greener.

he used to pay his girlfriend for hours she did not work then pocket the money himself and we turned our heads the other way out of misguided loyalty. until HQ started coming down hard on how much of the budget was being spent on wages.

then he used to chronically understaff us during the day so that there were no discrepancies when he claimed that she had worked 40 hour weeks.

then, at the height of madness, he sent me home and, as i found out later, claimed that she'd worked the shift.

they did not pay rent on their property. they're currently on their skiing holiday.
(, Thu 2 Feb 2012, 0:09, 1 reply)
Or at least twisted his arm for some extra perks
so you "didn't have to dob him in..."
Oh & I'm guessing here but hello fellow Aussie.
(, Thu 2 Feb 2012, 5:18, closed)

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