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This is a question Not having sex

Our pal Freddie Woo says: Climbing into the back seat of the car, she sat on a fortnight-old bag of food shopping I had completely forgotten about. The stench of a bag of bean sprouts popping open is a real passion-killer, I can tell you for nothing. Tell us about the shag you didn't have because you blew it.

(, Thu 22 May 2014, 14:01)
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A cold rainy Saturday in November
In my girlfriend's room at university. First years, miles away from parents, we'd recently discovered the noble tradition of fucking like rabbits. We'd had a nice afternoon doing some shit or other, heading back to hers before dinner. She wanted to shower before eating, and suggested I join her for some fun. Communal bathrooms, so a nice bit of risk added to the situation.

However, being Saturday afternoon, I had one eye on the clock. As it was approaching quarter to five, I knew the time was near - sports report on radio 5, and the final scores. "Go ahead" I told her, "I'll join you in five - that way no-one will know we're in together". Took ages to get to the final scores. Just as they were reading them out for our division, about 15 minutes later, she stormed back in, dripping (not in a good way), and kicked me out.

It was 1997, I had to wait till the next day to find out the result.

We lost.
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 20:09, 2 replies)
Tried having seed in the showers at the Phoenix festival (97?).
She slipped over trying to give me a blow job, so we gave up and went back to the tent (where we fucked like rabbits, hence this isn't an appropriate story for this week's question).
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 21:41, closed)
Was this also the day you hit the ground at JFK?

(, Fri 23 May 2014, 23:26, closed)

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