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This is a question It's Not What It Looks Like!

Cawl wrote two years ago, "People seem to have a knack for walking in at just the wrong time:
"Well, my clothes got wet, so did his... Yes, officer, huddling together to conserve body heat... Yes officer, he's five... No Officer... I'm not his Dad."

What have you done that, in retrospect, you'd really rather nobody had seen, mostly as things just get worse the more you try to explain it?

(, Thu 9 Dec 2010, 21:56)
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No no, that's not what I meant at all!
My wife and I split many years ago, amicably, and my son carried on living with her. When he reached about 13 and joined the Army Cadets, they told him he would need to shave to smarten up. As I only saw him at weekends, I wanted to impart all the tips I'd learnt by shaving daily for 25 years or so (use a hot flannel, make this funny face so you don't get razor cuts etc. etc.), but I wondered as I always do these days whether the internet might offer something I hadn't thought of. So, about 3 seconds before my girlfriend walked into the room, I typed "shaving teenage boys" into Google...
(, Sat 11 Dec 2010, 9:13, 2 replies)
Oh God!
(, Sat 11 Dec 2010, 22:05, closed)

hahahahaha - me likey and me clicky
(, Sat 11 Dec 2010, 23:23, closed)

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