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This is a question It's Not What It Looks Like!

Cawl wrote two years ago, "People seem to have a knack for walking in at just the wrong time:
"Well, my clothes got wet, so did his... Yes, officer, huddling together to conserve body heat... Yes officer, he's five... No Officer... I'm not his Dad."

What have you done that, in retrospect, you'd really rather nobody had seen, mostly as things just get worse the more you try to explain it?

(, Thu 9 Dec 2010, 21:56)
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So let me get this straight
You farted, on a stairwell, within earshot of a lady, four years ago and you're still embarrassed? Are you from the 1880's?

LET IT GO man. I would have had to have eaten babies alive to still be that concerned after such a time. I'm sure the lady concerned has long forgotten it.
(, Tue 14 Dec 2010, 15:34, closed)

it's not eating me up inside. don't worry. but sometimes i remember and it makes me cringe. it's the fact that i ran. lol i thought there was a chance she wouldn't know it was me, because she was juuust around the corner of the stair when the first one dropped. in my mind there was still a chance that i could get away with it: FART FART FART FART FART i went *facepalm*
(, Tue 14 Dec 2010, 15:42, closed)

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