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This is a question Advice from Old People

Sometimes, just sometimes, old people say something worth listening to. Ok, so it's like picking the needle out of a whole haystack of mis-remembered war stories, but those gems should be celebrated.

Tell us something worthwhile an old-type person has told you.

Note, we're leaving the definition of old up to you, you smooth-skinned youngsters.

(, Thu 19 Jun 2008, 16:16)
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It's so obvious
My Nanna insisted that she new a man with a wooden leg and a real foot. Obviously I thought this couldn't be right.

Years after her death, in my early thirties it dawned on me that the real foot was on the OTHER leg.

I have an I.Q. of 159 and still I'm thick as fuck!
(, Tue 24 Jun 2008, 23:05, 1 reply)
My sis, when we were learning to drive, told me about a speed limit change down a particular hill in Hereford...I could never see the signs and for ages thought 'they' were trying to trap me...until I realised about 4 years later (of slowing down and pissing all the other drivers off) that I was checking out the wrong side of the hill...hem hem....


I still can't drive down it now without paranoidly looking for imaginary cameras...

BUT...I can spell 'knew' :)

wot is IQ anyway and does anyone believe in him??
(, Tue 24 Jun 2008, 23:42, closed)

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