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This is a question Advice from Old People

Sometimes, just sometimes, old people say something worth listening to. Ok, so it's like picking the needle out of a whole haystack of mis-remembered war stories, but those gems should be celebrated.

Tell us something worthwhile an old-type person has told you.

Note, we're leaving the definition of old up to you, you smooth-skinned youngsters.

(, Thu 19 Jun 2008, 16:16)
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OAP Advice
My family moved fast until I came along: when I was born my grandmother was 45. By the time I was packed off to boarding school she was 58.

After my first few terms there she hit 60 and my sexual interests started to move from my bed-post to boys... she caught me in bed with a young man once and smiled before quetly beating a retreat.

Not long after that she and I were the only ones at home, and we'd both had a couple of glasses of wine.

Mid conversation my dear sweet granny came out with a question that made me splutter in my wineglass like a drowning whoopee-cusion.

"Have you tried bum-sex yet dear?"
"um, No gran"
"Well you should: Your grandfather and I used to have a very good time doing that"
*blink blink*


When my gran died she looked a little like Joan Hickson in Miss Marple - Calm, well-spoken and very proper. Her funeral went well with many old friends praising her seemingly endless ability to give excellent advice. I failed to publicly attribute my enjoyment of anal sex to my grandmother's advice, but I like to think that she knew.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 12:28, 1 reply)
Old people are just young people who've been at it longer than you have. This just proves it.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 12:57, closed)

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