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This is a question That's me on TV!

Hotdog asks: Ever been on TV? I once managed to "accidentally" knock Ant (but not Dec) over live on the box.

We last asked this in 2004, but we know you've sabotaged more telly since then

(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 11:08)
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A click from a fellow Countdowner
I've also experienced the hospitality of the lovely crew at the studios in Leeds (sadly Manchester, now) as I appeared on Countdown back in 2004 at the tender age of fourteen. I only managed to appear once, losing in my first game, but unlike you I did manage to get a cringeworthy word that made the cut:


Not quite PENIS, but frankly that was quite enough to have held against me for the rest of my school life.
(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 18:40, closed)
Philpot, that girl you were on Countdown against, do you know if that's the girl who helped promote the Atheist bus adverts last year?
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 3:04, closed)
Ariane Sherine
She writes for the Guardian, and also has her own website. She did help to promote the Atheist bus last year.
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 16:01, closed)
Yep, spot on.
And lovely she is too. A very gifted writer.
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 18:40, closed)
And that bird you were up against (hoho) was well hot!
(, Tue 16 Jun 2009, 11:55, closed)

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