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This is a question That's me on TV!

Hotdog asks: Ever been on TV? I once managed to "accidentally" knock Ant (but not Dec) over live on the box.

We last asked this in 2004, but we know you've sabotaged more telly since then

(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 12:08)
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BBC 1, Autumn Sunday Evenings
I managed to end up in 2 series of a Sunday evening drama back in the mid '90s. Though thankfully VHS has pretty much died and the beeb haven't brought it out on DVD.

Had a great time for the 2 summers of filming, the food on BBC sets is pretty good - in fact despite being 11 I had to have a slightly larger costume nearer the end of the first block of filming.
2 weeks before shooting for the 2nd series began I broke my foot, so had my cast covered with a large sock, and spent a lot of time being shot from the waist up or from behind various objects.

Oh, and I had the opening line in the first episode of the first series.

Length? It was shown at teatime!
(, Sun 14 Jun 2009, 16:57, 2 replies)
tits or GTFO
Fess up, what was the programme?

edit: Just William?
(, Sun 14 Jun 2009, 18:07, closed)
That'd be the one...
I'm guessing the secrecy of my real identify helped?

(, Sun 14 Jun 2009, 22:31, closed)

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