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This is a question PE Lessons

For some they may have been the highlight of the school week, but all we remember is a never-ending series of punishments involving inappropriate nudity and climbing up ropes until you wet yourself.

Tell us about your PE lessons and the psychotics who taught them.

(, Thu 19 Nov 2009, 17:36)
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But I've got a note...
When I was 14 or 15 I managed to break my arm, crack my hip bone and badly twist my knee in a skateboarding incident (what I silly twat I was).

I had a note and a pretty visual excuse (plaster cast, crutches etc...) for not taking part in P.E.

Rather than the hour dossing around that I was expecting, for an hour & fifteen each week, for 6 wintery weeks, my bastard teacher made me pick litter up on the playing fields...

Anyway a couple of years later he was taking the goalposts down off the playing fields and reversed his car into one of the posts, as he got out to inspect the damage, the crossbar - now freed from its former two-post stability - came crashing down on his head and knocked the cunt out cold!

(, Tue 24 Nov 2009, 14:51, 2 replies)
He deserved it.
(, Tue 24 Nov 2009, 17:55, closed)
I would pay good monies to watch this :)
Would've made a Youtube classic
(, Tue 24 Nov 2009, 22:01, closed)

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