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This is a question Personal Hygiene

There comes a point at which your hygiene becomes less your problem and more everyone else's:

My old school nurse never seemed to wash - instead she wrapped herself in crepe bandages from the first aid kits. The smell was beyond pungent. If you got ill at school, it was better to suffer than try and explain symptoms whilst only breathing out.

When she was eventually 'let go',they had to strip the wallpaper in her office to get rid of the lingering odour.

How scuzzy have you got? Or, failing that, how bad have people you know got?

(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 12:40)
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Like 2 weeks in the bush
Some of these stories have me gagging.
I can't really compete but here goes. I lived in darkest Africa for a few years and occassionaly had to go bush for a few weeks. Going bush meant sleeping in a hammock covered with mosquito nets, cooking over a camp fire and unable to wash.
After a week you could literally smell yourself rotting away and if you had a cock and ball scratch when you pulled your hands out your shorts you could smell that unmistakeable toe jam smell in the air. Freakin awful.

Anyway returned to civilisation and before I could get a shower at my flat the girlfriend appeared and wanted a bit there and then. She started to give me a blow job and I lost the hard on as I could imagine what it looked like never mind tasted like down there.

She was more than a litle disappointed and said she loved the taste it made her feel really slutty. Hard on back again and off she goes, slurp, slurp, slurp.

So everytime I went bush I'd really look forward to getting back to civilisation but even today I cringe whenever I think about her sucking on my sweaty stinky cheesy dick.

Hey if you recognise this story Anne send me an email, love to see you again,
(, Sun 25 Mar 2007, 2:06, Reply)

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