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This is a question Pet Names

I once knew a cat called Lenin. It got diarrhea so they renamed it Trotsky. Tell us the name of your pet - but only if you've got an amusing or interesting reason for it. Tiddles need not apply.

(, Wed 25 Feb 2004, 13:33)
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so surreal it's real...
My mom attracts animals like Merlynn. One cat in particular was fluffy and dreamy-eyed, stepped right out of a precious calendar. It was a feral, but my mom quickly charms the creature and begins to call it "Dolly." The cat was that sweet.

She managed to capture it and take it to the vet to be neutered to prevent more "Dollys" and create a starving feral colony, responsible, yes...

Later the same afternoon, she receives a phone call from a surprised the vet. It seems "Dolly" was a HE-cat with an undescended left testicle. The vet had spayed the poor creature anyway.

I suggested that she could call it "Dolly," amidst fits of laughter, just spell it differently, "Dali."

I told her that the cat was just polite and his testicle didn't "descend," because he didn't want her to be embarassed for calling him "Dolly."

Needless to say, she didn't think it was funny.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 15:02, Reply)

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