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This is a question Pet Names

I once knew a cat called Lenin. It got diarrhea so they renamed it Trotsky. Tell us the name of your pet - but only if you've got an amusing or interesting reason for it. Tiddles need not apply.

(, Wed 25 Feb 2004, 13:33)
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Many years ago our family gave our aunty 2 of our baby hamsters
She had no idea what to call them and still hadn't solved this dilemma when the bigger of the two had a somewhat anti-social mood swing and chewed its smaller brethren's head off. Problem solved, it was then christened Sweetie Pie.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 13:34, Reply)
My stupid cat
Well, my father owns an apartment building and one day he found a kitten in one of the rooms. The girl renting it left town a week before. Its paw was stuck in a collar up around its neck and it had chewed open a box of meow mix. You would think it was pretty fucking smart. Well she's not. Her official name is Maggie but I call her down syndrome kitty because she only wants you to pet her, if you dont she will rub her stupid head on you, She won't let you hold her-EVER, I have never held her without her freaking out and trying to escape. Oh yeah, and she kind of smells a little funky. She's really dumb. Any time I call her the down syndrome kitty my mom yells at me "She's not retarded!" Lovely mother. Oh, and I have a bird named Lali (pronounced Lolly-but not referring to a lolly pop)

sorry for the long post.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 13:31, Reply)
Pet Names
haha! Just worked out my porn star name (first pet and mum's maiden name). Any film opportunities for Brandy Neale?...couldn't have made it up! Mmm, just read this back and could possibly be the only person to find it funny.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 13:20, Reply)
My friend
had a lovely white cat. Beautiful, fresh as newfallen snow. He called it Gibber. Which is my favourite pet name ever. And if you disagree, you're wrong.

He used to make it do somersaults through the medium of throwing it.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 13:00, Reply)
Pet Names
Used to have a cat that would hide in the garden at the base of our 6 foot bird table somewhere amongst the Azalias...

I don't know if you've noticed, but when a bird flys towards a bird table, they dip slightly below it to pull up for landing.

It was at this point my cat would leap, straight up about 5 feet 6 inches to pluck the poor bugger out of the air. He would then delight in devouring half the bird and leaving the rest for us on the doormat.

We named him Zebedee.

He's dead now.

Rest in peace.

(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 11:47, Reply)
When we were students, we had a cat that used to visit us regularly then sit around licking it's arse. It got christened "Felch" after a while.

Things came to a head when I discovered my housemate wandering around outside, bladdered, shouting "Here Felch, dinner..."
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 11:29, Reply)
my family seems to have had a thing for Smarties (the sweets)
Don't know why. So my sisters cat was called Smartie. (= porn name Smartie Hodgson. fluffer?) We had a dog called Mick, which was strange because my dad is called Mike, hmm. And we had a lamb called Lamby.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 10:56, Reply)
My dog
My dog is called Sausage.

She's a mongrel, with a bit of German Shepard in her.

She was found on the roadside in a shoebox with her brother, Pork Chop.

She was called sausage, because she once climbed into someones lunch, ate te hotdog and fell asleep. The perso who orderd the hot dog tried to eat her, but sausage bit him on the nose.

Rather funny, actually.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 10:28, Reply)
Let me tell you a story
about my two cats
Jack and Nori
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 10:16, Reply)
Pet Names
We had a dog called Marley because he looked muntered all the time and a cat called Trooper. The cat was named as such because where we lived at the time, our back garden was completely 'walled in' by 20-30ft high stonewalls and one morning we popped outside only to find in the middle of the patio a wee stripey black and white kitten. Fuck knows how he got there without dying in the process.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 10:09, Reply)
When my sister was at Bangor University she had a cat called SeeFor (c for cat.)

Unfortunatly he went missing, prompting her to write the following poem.

SeeFor Cat is
D for dead
and we're all S for Sorry.
Because he ran
Into a van
Or possibly a lorry.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:55, Reply)
Pet Names
My Cat (Missus Cat) is called squeak..... We've had him since he was a little kitten... I used to stand on him now and then.
(Not on Purpose you fool!)
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:53, Reply)
Pet Names
My Cats are called Scott after the thunderbird (who was my first ever crush as a child) and Fiona Mildred (after a teacher i hated and Mildred Hubble from the worst witch books - my first ever idol)
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:48, Reply)
For a long time I thought my mate's dog was called 'Spade'...
but one day he explained that it was 'Spayed' cos the first thing he did after getting it was chop its bits off. Nice name.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:39, Reply)
pet names
my brother had a blue heeler/bull terrier cross that he named "oi". It was a bit of a retard but incredibly strong - it used a 13" car tire as a toy. Because it would destroy anything in the garden, my Mum would always scream at it " you fucking stupid dog". Eventually it would only answer to "fucking" or a derivative thereof
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:12, Reply)
pet names
my mates older brother has 2 rockweelers one named "Dre" and "Rocky" and i have been told if u jump their fence u could lose a arm or leg or maybe both
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 9:03, Reply)
pet names
we called one of own sheep dogs "trigger" because we diddnt think it would last long and the other reason was it attacked my grandmar
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 8:55, Reply)
our cat
is called bailey, because he likes to get pissed on a certain cream based licquer His second name is coprophile because he also likes looking at people taking a dump
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 8:29, Reply)
My sister owned
a dog which she called Dildo, because of it's excessive libido. She usually called it "Dil" in public , but in moments of canine-induced stress she would use it's full name.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 6:58, Reply)
The Meatbeast
Our cat is called Emu (pronounced Emoo)or to give her her full name, Emu Chantelle Meatbeast. Chantelle is her 'naughty name' - it's such a bloody horrible girls name, she knows she's deep in shit when we yell that out. Also have a rabbit called Pineapple and a bird called Lemonade (ask my 4 year old why cause I've got no idea..) And Bugger the budgie died last week.. :o(
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 4:21, Reply)
Funny Cats
I have a neutered cat named The Nutless Wonder. When his balls were cut off, he became stupid, very stupid. It's a wonder he's alive.

My sister's cat is pure evil. Hence the name Lucy-furr.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 3:39, Reply)
If i had a dog...
...I'd call it Syndrome...
Then when playing fetch in the park and it starts jumping up at you trying to get the ball, you could shout 'Down Sydrome, Down Syndrome..."

Single to hell please...
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 3:12, Reply)
Have you heard the one about...
...the ferret and the cat? Well, one of my housemates at uni had a ferret which she called "MacGyver Dykerhoffen" at my bequest. 'MacGyver' because it, like many pets, had a nasty knack of escaping (it couldnt make lock-picks out of lightbulbs or anything, but it was only a marmot for fucks sake), and 'Dykerhoffen' because this was a word my friends and I had created to describe females whom we didnt like, of which my housemate was one. This way I could slyly insult her without her knowing.
Also, a middle-aged lady I used to work with at a homeopathic clinic had a cat called Triangle.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 2:22, Reply)
My family
had a cat called Kinky once - 'cos it had a wonky tail. Ended up being called 'Winky' mostly, to stop the neighbours from talking! My little brother named a new kitten 'Whiskas Supermeat' once too, who was affectionately known as 'Meaty' - and he was.

Do fictional names count? I love the Alsatian's name - 'TB' - in Iain Banks' 'Espedair Street'. The main character assumes his mate's dog's had lung trouble, but after the dog goes out on the piss with them one night and then gets fed a curry, he discovers it stands for 'Total Bastard'...
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 1:59, Reply)
Alcoholic names...
I had forgotten our neighbours who have a cat called Martini Et Rossi Le Chat.

And we fostered a cat for a while who was named Addie. Again, a shelter name, but appropriate, as she was quite the most addle-brained cat we ever dealt with.

Dragon the Siamese, on the other hand, was badly named for he was quite timid; ended up being treed under a couch by Louise, a cat half his size...
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 1:21, Reply)
My best friend's dog
My best friend has a big hairy ugly dog named Fox, but his name is spelled directly from his tag which had his name scratched out in runes and instructions to translate . It's spelled phonetically "focks", so we had to run down the street yelling FOCKS! for a while till we translated better. Sometimes it slurred...
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 1:05, Reply)
I have a dachshund named Stogie. We named her that because, like the cigar, she's wrinkly, brown and smells bad, but we still love our little turd with feet!
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 1:00, Reply)
my craZY aunt ..
went to oxford university at st ann's college and took with her 2 iguanas (!!) called logwood and steve. she's a bit random.

she now owns 3 horses, a parakeet, a pygmie hedgehog, a devil cat, 2 dogs, love birds, a cameleon, LOADS of poison arrow frogs (she breeds them and sold some to michael jackson), a rabbit, a chinchilla and several geckos.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 0:55, Reply)
i had a goldfish called
Jeremiah Obediah Jackanory Jones..

There was no real reason for this except for the fact that I was proud that I could remember the whole name (from a kids book by the people who wrote Each Peach Pear Plum)

He turned out to be the only guy fish and fucked all the girl fishes.. Got a lot of action that one! Horny little bugger..
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 0:43, Reply)

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