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This is a question Pet Stories

When one of my cats was younger and a lot fatter, he came bowling in from the garden with an almighty crash. Looking slightly stunned, he'd arrived into the kitchen having ripped the cat flap from the door and was still wearing it as a cat-tutu. Did I mention he was quite fat?

In honour of Jake, a well loved cat, who died on Wednesday, tell us your pet stories and cheer us up.

(, Fri 8 Jun 2007, 9:15)
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Clever kitties
Many moons ago I lived in a huge, unheatable flat. It got so cold I put my tent up in the living room to sleep in. I had recently got two ickle kitties so had to keep the door shut, know what havoc claws could wreak with said tent. The kitties (Blott & Biggles) were in the habit of sleeping curled up together in an upturned hat on the kitchen table, so I wasn't being cruel shutting them out.

They, however, had other ideas and each morning I would wake up with two furry purr-monsters inside my sleeping bag. Somehow they had managed to open the door and get inside the zipped-up tent and into my sleeping bag.
This happened three times, so I just stopped trying to keep them out.

This flat was on a very busy road above a shop which had an iron fire escape to get to it.
Somehow Blott & Biggles, when a little older, kept bringing in frogs. I would find them all over, including a big fat one just sitting happily in the cats' water bowl. One evening I noticed a brown shiny lump on the living room carpet and thought a cat had crapped there - until it jumped!
The frogs weren't all so lucky, though. When I moved out I found a selection of flattened & mummified frogs under the rug.
(, Fri 8 Jun 2007, 12:48, Reply)

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