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This is a question Pet Stories

When one of my cats was younger and a lot fatter, he came bowling in from the garden with an almighty crash. Looking slightly stunned, he'd arrived into the kitchen having ripped the cat flap from the door and was still wearing it as a cat-tutu. Did I mention he was quite fat?

In honour of Jake, a well loved cat, who died on Wednesday, tell us your pet stories and cheer us up.

(, Fri 8 Jun 2007, 9:15)
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i got two kinda strange cats
one of my cats can detect ganja from a long distance as he really likes to get stoned.

he caught a bird once (as a message, never for fun, always to say something..). took it into a bush where i couldnt get at him as it was still alive and didnt look damaged. he gave me a knowing look.. then ate its head

the other cat brought in a mouse once and it managed to escape unscathed behind some cupboards. it lived in the kitchen for 2 weeks living off cornflakes and water from the cats bowl when they were out. ended up having to create a macguyver like device to help it escape and it worked yay!

she also i discovered was working part-time as a "horse" for a little girl down the road to ride her dolls on. saw them one day as i was walking past, my cat seemed to be enjoying herself so i just left em to it

my friends old cat (may she RIP) used to beat up male cats all the time..

sorry for all the cats BUT I LOVE CATS OK :}
(, Wed 13 Jun 2007, 2:12, closed)

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