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This is a question Petty Sabotage

I once put magnets on my brothers collection of ZX81 cassettes, so when he attempted to play them, they were full of errors and yet apparently undamaged. Can you beat that? Tell us your tales of petty sabotage.

(, Wed 4 May 2005, 10:59)
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exploding blender
I worked in a bar in a hotel in Blackpool, and we had cold shelves all along the back that used to need defrosting once a week, or we couldn't prise the Special Brew off of them, so it was our practise to flick the mains off to the bar area once a week at teh end of a shift, like 3am, so the shelves would defrost. This would turn off all electrical equipment in the bar. I did this one shift end, and then went and turned the blender on (no power, remember) and STUFFED it with plastic cocktail decorations and shredded paper.

Next morning, at around 10:10, as I was still zedding due to being on late shift I was awoken by my best mate on the phone, who was on early shift.

'BASTARD!!!!' was all he said, then hung up.

Weeks later, we were still finding little bits of plastic giraffe in the most improbable places in that bar.
(, Thu 5 May 2005, 11:28, Reply)

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