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This is a question Petty Sabotage

I once put magnets on my brothers collection of ZX81 cassettes, so when he attempted to play them, they were full of errors and yet apparently undamaged. Can you beat that? Tell us your tales of petty sabotage.

(, Wed 4 May 2005, 10:59)
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smoke-y fire-y
Remembered another one. A couple of weeks ago, sat around smoking weed and being bored, my friends decided they had a vendetta against this one lad who'd grassed them up to the police some time before.

He was due to come round and so action needed to be taken. After some deliberation we noticed that one guy had been cutting off match heads and had a huge pile of them.


Proceeded to roll a short joint, containing a slight amount of hash, but mostly tobacco and a large quantity of match heads. We burnt the end to make it seem as though it was half-smoked then waited til the lad turned up.

'Spliff mate?'

He sat there smoking it, we sat there with our dopey grins, a girl next to me videoing him on her phone.

A minute later, the entire joint burst into flames that shot right back to his lips, never seen someone scream so loud or move so fast. It was, to put it one way, fucking hilarious.

Added bonus in watching him pass on every joint he was offered that night and looking nervous when people gave him cigarettes.
(, Sun 8 May 2005, 13:24, Reply)

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