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This is a question Petty Sabotage

I once put magnets on my brothers collection of ZX81 cassettes, so when he attempted to play them, they were full of errors and yet apparently undamaged. Can you beat that? Tell us your tales of petty sabotage.

(, Wed 4 May 2005, 10:59)
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Very petty
This guy who was dating one of my friends in halls had a new Fiat paid for by Mummy and Daddy, spoilt bastard. For no real reason I didn't like him. so one night whilst really pissed a few of us "borrowed" road signs and bollards from some roadwords and arranged them on top of his car. the next morning he went ballistic.

He was also rather anoyed two weeks later when he got stopped by the police because the front number plate was upside down. TWO WEEKS and he didn't notice.

Might have felt guilty about this if his girlfriend hadn't had "a little accident" a while latter that left her with a black eye. The next day I saw him driving away rather fast and looking rather sore. Of corse this had nothing to do with one of the other guys having bleeding knuckles.
(, Wed 11 May 2005, 23:54, Reply)

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