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This is a question Encounters with politicians

Have you ever met your elected representative and had a meaningful and rewarding discussion with them? Nope, me neither. Tell us about your encounters with the vote-hungry election blaggers.

(, Thu 30 Apr 2015, 18:56)
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Boris again
He stood in our constituency in 1997. It wasn't an auspicious time for a Tory to be coming to our village, as our main source of employment - a steelworks - had been shut down by a bunch of asset-strippers a few years before.

The thatched Thatcherite went into the shop which stood across the road from our house. Said shop was run at that time by a 40W bulb from the local Labour establishment. Even more unfortunate for him was that his entry coincided with the presence of my mother, a woman with a withering attitude to politicians in general, and preening right-wing ones in particular, and never one to hold back on expressing herself.

It is to that encounter that I attribute that 'confused baby' look that Boris still affects whenever he is un-nerved by something.
(, Thu 30 Apr 2015, 20:52, Reply)

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