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This is a question Absolute Power

Have you ever been put in a position of power? Did you become a rabid dictator, or did you completely arse it up and end up publicly humiliated? We demand you tell us your stories.

Thanks to The Supreme Crow for the suggestion

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:09)
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Different Jonathan.
(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 13:58, 1 reply)

(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 14:03, closed)

(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 14:05, closed)
I'm pretty sure it was you,
Alan McNorris of Pembrokeshire!
(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 14:11, closed)

Nope. Sorry. I can apologise on his behalf if you like, though:


Lots of love,

(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 14:15, closed)
It doesn't feel right...
Could you possibly 'be' Alan a little bit more? Maybe wear a wig of long blonde hair, a baggy polo shirt and small circular glasses?

Also this was in 1954 so could you maybe enunciate like someone from that era?

(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 14:35, closed)
"Goodness me, these post-war years are austere. I do hope a cultural revolution comes along in the next ten years or so and shakes things up a bit by embracing largely indiscriminate sexual intercourse and the use of recreational drugs.

By the way, I'm sorry I made you like my brogues.

Stiff upper lip, old man,

(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 15:04, closed)

My good man,

I'm afraid I rather despised your particular style of brogue, therefore your attempts to make me like them were a tad unwelcome. No man may tell me what to do. I shall take the next opportunity to hit you with a stick.

Incidentally, 'sticking the man' would be a top notch catchphrase for said recreational drug use and rutting. I feel it could use some polish, though.
(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 15:16, closed)

If you didn't like them, WHY WERE YOU LICKING THEM?

I feel I may have trivialised my original post with this banter. Believe it or not, it was actually quite heartfelt. Cathartic, even, though I still feel shitty about it.
(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 15:25, closed)

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