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This is a question Professions I Hate

Broken Arrow says: Bankers, recruitment consultants, politicians. What professions do you hate and why?

(, Thu 27 May 2010, 12:26)
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FACs (Failed Actor Cunts)
You may not recognise them by the title but you know them. You know those people who jump out in front of you - when it's pissing down with rain or on the sunniest day of the year when you're off to do something more interesting - to ask for money or '5 minutes'.

I say to charities that employ these twats. Stop. They are doing your organisations harm with their ill timed gestures and their attempts to look cool while being told to politely fuck off.

(, Wed 2 Jun 2010, 17:58, 1 reply)
I'd much rather Charities used less cost effective methods of raising revenue as well

(, Wed 2 Jun 2010, 23:11, closed)

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