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This is a question Public Transport Trauma

Completely Underwhelmed writes, "I was on a bus the other day when a man got on wearing shorts, over what looked like greeny grey leggings. Then the stench hit me. The 'leggings' were a mass of open wounds, crusted with greenish solidified pus that flaked off in bits as he moved."

What's the worst public transport experience you've ever had?

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 15:13)
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Not mine, but my girlfriend's trip to cuba.
On a lovely bus ride to trinidad from havana, not only was the scheduled refreshment stop at a small cantina, where everything was overpriced and the driver took a cut of the extra money any white folk paid, the bus had to stop for an hour in the baking heat because there was a strange whining coming from the undercarriage. Great, thinks the missus, stuck alone on the empty coast of a country i've already been mugged in once, and fleeced twice!

A bit of hunting around underneath the bus, and general headscratching, cigarette smoking and lazing about, the driver decides to turn everyone out, and enjoy a day onthe beach- after all, this strange noise could be a precursor to a horrible accident- and apparently spares or new vehicles are a bitch to come about in Cuba.

Pulls the trunks from the roof, and the ladyfriend gets ready to document her long trek across the coast of cuba, when they open the cargo bay underneath, and they all discover that some country cuban bumpkin was transporting her pig, and a couple of chickens cross country.

A pig. Squealing under the bus. Chickens no doubt egging it on (ha, egging!).

Heh, Communists. Equality for everyone including livestock!

That is all.
(, Tue 3 Jun 2008, 23:46, Reply)

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