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This is a question Devastating Put-Downs

Amorous Badger says: I once saw a former manager of mine being asked to 'sit down and let your mouth have a chance to speak' by his senior. What's the best heckle/putdown/riposte you've ever seen? (Hint: Recycled 'Your mum' jokes does not make an answer)

(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 15:15)
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Warning: may contain cats
There is the quick put down, the witty put down, the deliciously bitchy put down, and of course the ubiquitous perfect put down that you thought of after the event. All good. But how about the Freudian put down? Neither intended by the supplier, nor immediately recognised by the recipient. It speaks from subconscious to subconscious until, at some uncertain future point, dawns the devastating realisation of what was really said…

Many years ago a few friends were gathered in a front room, wine was consumed and pleasant conversation was passed. Meeting the group for the first time was Michael, the new beau of one of our own. To be honest we were suspicious; we suspected he was taking advantage of a trusting nature and that hurt would inevitably ensue. We were protective and we didn’t like to see our friend played for a fool. However he was a guest and we kept the collective claws sheathed.

Pus-Pus on the other hand didn’t. Objecting to Michael’s advances with a feisty feline one-two she made her feelings plain.

Laughing it off, he announced to the room “I don’t know why but cats just don’t seem to like me”

And with no conscious thought Guy immediately replied

“Yes. They say cats can be very perceptive”
(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 21:06, Reply)

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