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This is a question Relief

Last week, I thought we'd run over and killed something. After steeling myself to get out and find the body of somebody's beloved pet, I found we'd squished a bin bag. When has something turned out not as grim as you first thought?

(, Thu 20 Dec 2012, 12:38)
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I'm really relieved that this week's QOTW hasn't been ruined by tragic shut-ins whining about people they don't like anyway ignoring them.

(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 12:49, 8 replies)
I can't believe you've started yet another thread about it, your horrible attention-seeking fat wife nurse bully.

(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 12:53, closed)
That's it, I'm going to go back to my happy married life and meaningful, worthwhile job just to spite you.

(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 12:54, closed)
If only I was building an awesome cardboard robot with my lovely daughter. Otherwise I would be quite upset at this point. On the internet.
(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 12:58, closed)
Mate, I'm probably not even going to try and cheat on my wife using an internet dating site or attempt to shove toys up her and take pictures of the results.
That's how vile I am.
(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 13:04, closed)

(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 13:08, closed)

(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 12:54, closed)
It's not clear who you're bitching about now.
Please clarify.
(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 19:34, closed)

You didn't care for that last one? No problem. The best is yet to come - my lolgun is locked and loaded with a hilarious anecdote about the time I saw a fireman walk into a pole.
(, Sat 22 Dec 2012, 22:46, closed)

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