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This is a question Racist grandparents

It Came From Planet Aylia says: "My husband's mad Auntie Joan accused the man seven doors down of stealing her milk as he was the first black neighbour she had. She doesn't even get her milk delivered." Tell us about casual racism from oldies.

Thanks to Brayn Dedd who suggested this too

(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 11:54)
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My maternal Grandmother...
A five foot nothing seething ball of barely repressed rage* was ancient enough to not only remember the days of the Raj, but mourn their passing on an almost daily basis.

Continually fuming that since her return to this Sceptered Isle she had no servants and thus had to make her own tea.

In 1976 she wrote asking her husband's old regiment to provide her with a house boy and was near terminally furious that they had, with some perplexity, utterly refused.
Especially since her letter specified that she wanted a decent well bred young indian boy, and would not settle for simply being assigned an english servant girl from the regiment staff as the girls today were disrespectful and lazy.

*I may have also described my mother similarly, quelle surprise
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 16:54, 10 replies)
I like this.
I'm a-clickin'.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 17:22, closed)
i feel the racism was overshadowed by MASSIVE arrogance

(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 17:43, closed)
Not so much with the arrogance...
some measure of that certainly, but overlaid with a sense of terrified bewilderment that the world no longer worked as it did when she was a child.

The very idea of seeing children playing in the streets was horrifying to her, not because she didn't like to see children, but she knew a carthorse wouldn't step on someone and she was convinced that these newfangled motor cars would just squish them flat before they could blink.
(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 10:30, closed)
I don't understand
I would readily accept being supplied with a young English girl as a "house girl" to make my tea....
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 18:38, closed)
isn't that why people
have kids - I'm training up mine to make me tea and have turned my shed into a sweatshop

Just Sutit It - Tyke Trainers coming to a JD Sports shop soon
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 18:53, closed)
That's hilarious
because children really do make trainers.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 23:52, closed)
And motherboards
I've just bought a Foxconn, and every time it boots there's the message "Driven by the blood of schoolchildren".

Which is wrong of course, as Foxconn drive adults to suicide.
(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 9:31, closed)
Me too!
Though for the avoidance of doubt - one over 16, as I'm not a perv.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 22:02, closed)
Horrible double standard.
When I demanded a well bred young Indian boy I got arrested.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 23:57, closed)
You are only allowed to buy the lower-caste ones.
I, too, found that one out the hard way.

/shakes head & chuckles fondly.
(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 2:44, closed)

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