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This is a question Random Acts of Evil

Mr Twisty Cheeky asks: As a contrast to last week's question - Has anyone ever been evil to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever been total twuntcake against all logic?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 18:49)
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Annoying customers
Back in the days before chip 'n' pin when I was a tillmonkey, if a customer was a pain in the arse I'd pass their credit or debit card over the extremely magnetic clothes-tag remover before handing it back to them. Not *truly* evil, I admit, but it amused me as I watched them walking out of the store to imagine them going through all the inconvenience getting a new card from the bank because their last one had mysteriously stopped working.

About three months later they put big stickers next to the clothes-tag removers, warning us and the customers of the dangers these things posed to cards, so I had to give up my means of petty revenge.
(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 19:10, 7 replies)
I'm going to take this opportunity to call you a cunt,
even though many people will post worse things than this over the next week. wouldn't want to miss a bandwagon.
(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 19:30, closed)
Never 1 to miss out eh?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 19:52, closed)
Good one
I can imagine you have to try and deal with complete tossers in a polite way doing that job,
(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 19:44, closed)

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 19:54, closed)
Like it

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 20:56, closed)
I'm ashamed to admit I've done this too.
When I was a nasty little teenager working weekends at Sainsbury's, we were shown that passing a magnetic card too close to the spinning motor inside the bar code reader would wipe its data.

So, of course, it became a standard thing to do to unpleasant customers. It was very easily done, just pop their card on top of the barcode reader box while you handed them the slip of paper to sign.

It's not big or clever. Fortunately it's not really random or evil, just a bit vindictive and wankerish.
(, Fri 17 Feb 2012, 18:19, closed)
(, Sat 18 Feb 2012, 0:27, closed)

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