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This is a question Random Acts of Evil

Mr Twisty Cheeky asks: As a contrast to last week's question - Has anyone ever been evil to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever been total twuntcake against all logic?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 18:49)
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When I was trying to get into the knickers of this girl I used to work with.
We'd often meet after work in a local bar. When she went to the loo one time, completely against all logic, I decided to put all her cigarettes back in the packet upside down. Way to go me, that'll teach her a lesson about the evils of smoking.

I hadn't anticipated the fact that suddenly having the filter end of the cigarette you're trying to light burst into flames as you're driving home in the dark is quite a startling event causing said cigarette to be thrown, still on fire into the drivers footwell.

Still, she saw the funny side and she's been my wife for the past 9 years.

We still lol about that. Well I do anyway.
(, Fri 17 Feb 2012, 10:33, 1 reply)
(, Sat 18 Feb 2012, 0:21, closed)

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