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This is a question Random Acts of Evil

Mr Twisty Cheeky asks: As a contrast to last week's question - Has anyone ever been evil to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever been total twuntcake against all logic?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 18:49)
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Aged 13, or so,
my brother was sitting, alone, watching The Thing, taped off the telly from the night before. I'd sat up and watched it, so knew where all the scares were.
Loving brother that I am, I planted myself behind his chair and waited for the scene where the doctor loses his hands, jumping out to grab my brother at just the right moment.
Once he'd climbed down from the ceiling, he saw the funny side.
(, Mon 20 Feb 2012, 9:59, Reply)

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