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This is a question Random Acts of Evil

Mr Twisty Cheeky asks: As a contrast to last week's question - Has anyone ever been evil to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever been total twuntcake against all logic?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 18:49)
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Informative and amusing
Have an 8/10 and a click.

Oh, and I suspect the 'pressure buildup' near the bog is due to the fact that we're (pretty much) all potty-trained. That is, we've been told its wrong to poo anywhere but a toilet (QOTWers excluded). That means, Pavlov-style, our bodies have come to associate the impending sight of toilet as a message to open the bomb-bay doors, as it were. So the closer you get to the bog, the more ready your guts get ready for evacuation.

Either that, or its one of those 'always find a lost item in the last place you look'-type things.

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 10:57, 1 reply)
*strokes chin*
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 11:15, closed)

*strokes monkey*
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 11:26, closed)

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