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This is a question Your Revenge Stories

We want to hear your tales of revenge. From sewing prawns in your lovers curtains to advertising your bosses job in the newspaper. What have you done? Confess! Confess now!

(, Fri 14 May 2004, 1:02)
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Effortless Revenge
My friend and I got evicted from a cushy, cheap, apartment in Cambridge (the other one, in Massachusetts) by a couple of jerk landlords who converted the building into condominiums. We found another place that happened to be near the largest shopping center in the area.

This shopping center had a strict parking lot policy because of the shortage of local parking and the guards were quick to have a car towed away if they saw the owner leave the premises. Parking only for patrons! A few days after we moved, I was walking to the store and noticed the ex-landlord's car in the lot. I went and stood next to the driver's side door until one of the guards looked at me, then haughtily sauntered off the premises, across the street, and into a bar. I sat by the front window and enjoyed the spectacle of the car being towed as I quaffed a cold one. It was especially gratifying to see the ex-landlord come out from shopping with bags of groceries only to find the car missing.

Four or five more times over the next year my friends and I spotted one of the two ex-landlords' cars in that parking lot. "Hey guys, time for a pint and a side order of vengeance."
(, Fri 14 May 2004, 3:01, Reply)

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