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This is a question Ripped Off

A friend who worked in a second hand record shop told us about a Japanese guy who regularly bought "rare" records in their shop. One time, he was looking for a signed copy of "Never Mind the Bollocks".

They didn't have one. Four people and one magic marker later, they did. Ker-ching!

How have you been ripped off? Who did you rip off? Are you a British Gas customer?

(, Thu 15 Feb 2007, 16:28)
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Saw somebody else mention GAME, so i thought i'd chip in...
Got a new graphics card for my old pc a while back and now that i could, thought i'd get Halflife 2 and give it a go, being a fan of the original. Picked up the "Game of the Year" addition box, took it to the till , they nipped off and popped the disc in...away i went all happy...got home..opened it up...no manual, no security code, the disc was the standard version not GotY and was all scratched to buggery.

Next day, took it back...obviously a mistake..they do sell pre-owned games sometimes after all...."Nah mate, can't take that....there's no manual or nuffin, it's the wrong disc and it's all scratched"

Shockingly i was less than impressed. The retard of a manager wouldnt see sense so i put in a very miffed call to their customer services who couldnt be more helpful. They couriered out a copy to the store for me to pick up the next day along with a stern telling off and very strict instructions to the manager that it was for me and me alone.

Nowadays i dont buy games from there or if i have to i make a point of opening them in the store in front of the manager to check, worth it jsut to se his face every time.

length - check
girth - check
abysmal punctuation and questionable spelling - double check.
(, Thu 15 Feb 2007, 23:03, Reply)

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