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This is a question Ripped Off

A friend who worked in a second hand record shop told us about a Japanese guy who regularly bought "rare" records in their shop. One time, he was looking for a signed copy of "Never Mind the Bollocks".

They didn't have one. Four people and one magic marker later, they did. Ker-ching!

How have you been ripped off? Who did you rip off? Are you a British Gas customer?

(, Thu 15 Feb 2007, 16:28)
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I once baught a printer from Staples with £20 in real money,
and 140 in counterfeit 20s. Fake twenties I had printed on a printer I had bought there the day before. A printer they had sold me, I had got it home, found it to have a dodgy paper feeder, and Staples refused to take it back.

However, when I bought the original printer, I noticed that staples didn't even check the cash given to them 'cause I counted it out infront of them. The clerk just grabbed the notes and stuck 'em in the register. So I decided to be audacious. The dodgy printer would still print, but it would crease and tear the bottom portion of the page, and not drop it in the tray, jamming the next page. But it sufficed for me to scan a 20 back and front, and run off a bunch of bills on a stock of paper that resembled cash. After scrunching them up to different degrees and writing a phone number on one for extra authenticity, I went to staples. I took the very same kind of printer to the counter. I counted out the 7 fake notes and one real one on the top (just in case they decided to check one) and the cashier just stuffed the whole wad into the till without checking any of them. And that is the story of how I counter-robbed staples for robbing me.

I have plenty more stories, but I don't feel like typing them out right now.
(, Fri 16 Feb 2007, 4:14, closed)

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